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Lake Como wedding planner

Como In Style organizes weddings in Lake Como since 2007

Patrizia Saraga is the founder of Como in Style. With Patrizia and Como In Style team, getting married in Lake Como will be an unique, elegant experience for you. You have the assurance that your wedding in Italy is planned by a professional Lake Como wedding planner. Como In Style organizes weddings in Lake Como Italy since 2007 and perfectly knows venues and suppliers. You will be assisted during the whole process by an expertise team that will organize each step of your Lake Como wedding experience. ComoIn Style will create a tailor-made ceremony and party, for you.
If you decide getting married in Italy, the Lake Como wedding planner agency Como In Style is a perfect support for your wedding in Italian lakes. It is creativity but also problem-solving. It is support for the couple. It is not only Style&Design but also Budget&Coordination.

I was born on Lake Como. I live in Lake Como area. I love Lake Como ...and I love working in and for Lake Como. I take care of anybody wishing to celebrate her own once-in-life dream witnessed by the most glamorous and elegant Lake in the world. I'm an Architect. I grew among architecture ateliers and art galleries, where I developed a classy aestheticism and sophisticated good taste. I'm curious, paying attention to details. And as a very good listener I'm able to connect directly the deeper levels of my clients. My soul is enriched by each bride unique request. I'm not interested in creating mass gatherings events that's why all my events are different one to another. To me, my job is to deliver a perfect event, completely matching with the most challenging couple request.

Patrizia, the Lake Como wedding planner

Patrizia, the creative soul, will carefully watch over your details and she will make sure to find the right solutions and choices. To her, Como in Style is a precious source of both personal and professional gratification in which she thrives for the complete satisfaction of the client.

We are the Lake Como Wedding Planner! In Como in Style we understand how important it is for couples who decided to plan a wedding in Lake Como to have a trustful Lake Como wedding planner who knows that couples' expectations for their ``big day`` are so high, and receiving a word of thanks from the bride and groom who choose Como in Style as their Lake Como Wedding Planner after the wedding is the most concrete and satisfactory proof that I've completed my challenge and I have made someone's dreams come true!

Organizational skills and meticulous care are the most outstanding Como in Style characteristics. Patrizia’s favorite area is Lake Como, she loves the landscapes, the majestic scenery, and its matchless art, nature and elegance. If you decide getting married in Lake Como, she will be able to give you suggestions and helpful informations, both for your special ceremony and reception.
Find your inspiration from Patrizia’s work, find your inspiration from the weddings she planned.