An astonishing birthday party in Lake Como

When you create a method you can use it whenever it helps. So not only weddings in Lake Como, but all kind of parties you can think about. We offer a wide range of venues for your wedding in Lake Como.
Our customer from Sweden decided to entrust a Lake Como wedding planner for the planning of his 30 years old birthday party,and it was one of the best result we ever reached.
You know, when one among the loyal guests of Villa D’Este, the most renowned Luxury Hotel in Lake Como, decided to find the best help in planning his birthday party, Como in Style was so proud to be the only solution.

Celebrate an evening summer in Lake Como!

Since the beginning the feeling was the right one: we had the same ideas in the same time, and this empathy was the successful key of this service.

Why a Lake Como event? This young and classy man used to spend his birthday time on Lake Como since he was a child. With his family was always a pleasure to enjoy the beauty of Lake Como from the privileged set of Villa Este in Cernobbio, as it is truly one of the most spectacular Lake Como villa.
Growing up, each time they spent in Lake Como was always different from the previous visit, and they’ve never get bored.
That’s why he decided to celebrate this landmark in his life here.
“I want to astonish my guests, with beauty, style, elegance, surprises and something they will never forget. I have 3 words floating in my mind: elegance, charm and sophistication..all the rest is up to you!”
We took care about everything, from the velvet gold engraved invitations to the limousine transfers during the night for his vip guests; running trough exclusive food choices and his unique music taste request.
Each ideas greatly matched with his expectations: Lake Como Villa Pizzo was the perfect way to glorify Lake Como Beauty, with its special charming atmosphere. We have also invited artists from the Cirque du Soleil to surprise and astonish all the guests. Everything bounded with the elegant mood of this event, that surprised everybody, as they received the evening event invitations. This is what Como in Style can offer to your Lake Como event.

The perfect made in Italy to enjoy a very Lake Como birthday

We hit the target thinking about masculine and elegant details: the use of brown, instead of black or blue, giving warm to a June evening party. Antique gold and bronze details were precious touches without glowing. Velvet fabrics, to suggest softness and elegance.
Our Lake Como wedding planner took care personally about the invitations and all the coordinated stationary, creating unique invitations and envelopes made-in-italy.

Few minutes distance from Lake Como Villa D’Este by boat there is the private venue we’ve suggested to our Swedish thirty-years-old client, which was perfect to host in its gardens the cocktail before the dinner; each guest found a formal but modern atmosphere to start the celebration of the birthday. Opulent details were perfectly balanced with a plain set.
The way to the dinner was a Lake Como view path with a couple of evocative brazier.
The outdoor hall, covered by a tent mixed with velvet fabrics in brown and aubergine colour, really suggested a theatre where the birthday dinner would perform with many other surprises, including a tenor singer and a breathtaking surprise for the guest of honour organised by his close friends.
As requested in each birthday party, the birthday cake couldn’t miss. And at the right moment, with all the lights down, many waiters handed out dishes for guest with a mini-cake, personalised by the guest of honour initial and a gold candles lighted up.

The party reached its highlight with the fireworks show. All in gold and in synch with the astonishing atmosphere of Hans Zimmer soundtrack from the Da Vinci Code movie.

photo: Morlotti Studio


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