Discover the beauty of unique Lake Como wedding venues

Bellagio probably is the most well-known village for weddings in Lake Como and when couples come from abroad find it to be the first step to start enjoy Lake Como wedding experience.
The same was for June & Jason and their small group of guests, including people coming from the four earth corners.
Their dream started from the grand hotel Villa Serbelloni, that sits on the lake so along with its pretty gardens it offers beautiful view of the exclusive Lake Como wedding venue chosen for the ceremony and the party: Villa Balbianello, one of the best spot for weddings in Lake Como.
Ten minutes by boat from Villa Serbelloni, it was the perfect frame for this very discrete couple.

Lovely sunset give off lovely weddings in Lake Como

They decided that Como in Style, the wedding planning agency focused on weddings in Lake Como area, was the perfect help for them. To Como in Style was supposed to mix the Japanese origin of the bride with the energy of the summer and the warmth of Italy, avoiding to use common symbols. Sparkling red, orange and fuchsia palette was the winner solution, created mixing exotic flowers types and seasonal roses and peonies, so lush in their bright colours.
Very few touches of bright orange, but in the right place, helped in adding a twist to the décor for a low-profile couple, who agreed on taking the advantage of the existing luxuriant garden.

After leaving villa Serbelloni, as many weddings in lake Como, their Lake Como experience continued with a short trip by a venetian-taxi style boat. All the guest were welcome in this awesome Lake Como wedding venue by a large heart-shape flower arrangement on the gate, the unmistakable symbol of the celebration that was going to be held.
The sunset moment had the same colour of the favourite palette: it was another sign of the balanced bounding love of this couple.
The arriving of the beautiful bride, enchanting everybody and touching her husband-to-be as an ethereal cloud in her white veil, started with the August sunset this lovely Lake Como wedding ceremony.
After the festive finale, with cones brimming with flowers and guest tossing while the couple exit the ceremony as husband and wife, all the guests started the champagne cocktail at the Loggia, enjoying the amazing landscape and toasting June and Jason.

Italian flavors to welcome a wedding reception in Lake Como

Downstairs the Loggia a tasty Italian menu, with good Tuscany wine, started. Each guest found his seat from an hand made water-colours tableau de mariage, recalling travellers’ diaries, typical of the eighteen century romantic travellers. To recall the Italian tradition, a small bag filled with white sugared almonds was included for everybody occurred.

Despite a short summer rain, a magnificent square wedding cake was cut indoor and it was the starting point for the after dinner party, the perfect coronation of one of our weddings in Lake Como, celebrated by an exclusive jazz live band came directly from NYC.

photo: Morlotti Studio


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