The unmistakable Style of our weddings in Lake Como

A radical-chic glamorous Lake Como wedding, where everything, from invitations to wedding cake, reflects the mood of the protagonists: a cosmopolitan, stylish and multicultural couple.
And gorgeous Lake has a perfect set with its floating atmospheres and unmistakable style, allowing to celebrate the most unique wedding in Lake Como.
Madison & Paolo were looking for a open-mind Lake Como wedding planner and they chose Como in Style. It was a pleasure to find out all the way to personalise any details starting from the couple: their finger prints, her paintings, … simply their passions.
The result: a perfect mix of classy details and vintage atmospheres where plenty of peonies and roses with their soft and relaxing colours did the difference. Simply one of our weddings in Lake Como!

The groom was born in Lake Como area and the couple chose a Lake Como wedding because Como it would have been the bride’s newly adoptive city, as well as they also met there years before. Eventually Lake Como is one of the most perfect backdrop under any circumstances for a beautiful wedding.
That’s why they decided to ask Como In Style, the wedding planning agency focused on weddings in Lake Como area, to take care of the realisation of their unique Lake Como wedding experience.

The right soundtrack for a wedding ceremony in Lake Como

Inspiration was an exciting and long process especially in the beginning, finding ideas that really fit with both of them as a couple and their vision of an ideal special day, making sure to celebrate at the best their wedding in Lake Como.
They decided to use their finger prints and Patrizia, the Style manager of Como in Style, suggested the couple to bind them together forming a heart … a gold heart… a beautiful image that was the kick start for the rest of the ideas to come.
They also decided to use one of the bride’s abstract paintings as the cover image on the front side… which is how we got to the flowers and colour palette mostly all inspired from the original painting. We’re talking about many variations of peaches, pinks and creams with touches of greens and blue…all very organic and wild at the same time.
So memorable was the moment when gorgeous Madison arrived to the white petals aisle with the beginning instrumental part of Sebastian Telliers ‘La Ritournelle’. Once the knot was tied, they ran through the crowd, petals and smiles ago as husband and wife, to the upbeat part of the track where he sings:

Oh nothing’s gonna change my love for you
I wanna spend my life with you
So we make love on the grass under the moon
No one can tell, damned if I do
Forever journeys on golden avenues
I drift in your eyes since I love you
I got that beat in my veins for only rule
Love is to share, mine is for you…

it was the most unforgettable and moving moment, chills had by all.

The right Lake Como wedding venue you might need is close at hand

The perfect set for their ceremony was a so called “Tree of life”. Actually, Como In Style, the wedding planning agency focused on weddings in Lake Como, planned the wedding ceremony outdoor, during the summer sunset, in one of the most renowned botanic garden overlooking Lake Como. It’s Villa Olmo, one of stunning Lake Como wedding venues which not only being a historical building in Como, it was also just walking distance from bride and groom’s house.
As they took the tour around the grounds, all they could do was look at the magnificent secular tree that sits behind the palace…. everywhere weddings were held traditionally in the outdoor space just didn’t inspire the bride, who kept on looking at the tree, during several site inspections….so after hard work, and tenacity Como In Style helped them in finally having the ceremony in front of what the bride called the ‘tree of life’. It was so significant to how the rest of the day took place.
It was compulsory looking for a private Lake Como wedding venue, walking distance from the ceremony; elegant, but not stuffy. And once again Como In Style had the right solution: Villa del Grumello!
The eighteen century villa, recently renovated with contemporary style: the right mix to welcome the radical-chic setting choices, for weddings in Lake Como.
Ancient wood floors and post-modern design lights. Classical details and plenty of white candles, created a soft but warm atmosphere, perfect for this Lake Como wedding.
And just in front of the main building, looking at the most glamorous Lake in the world, an informal-moroccan style tent that let us and our families live the special dinner under the stars, while friends enjoyed it on squared table inside.

photo: Morlotti Studio


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