Getting married in Lake Como romantically

When we first met the stylish and romantic bride Aran and her future husband, Jason, they were looking for a special Lake Como wedding planner. They both came from NY, but they origin were in Europe and Japan. A Lake Como wedding was perfect for them, Italy was the middle point to celebrate the union of two hearts and two cultures.
Peonies, so symbolic in far east culture were at their most beauty in May, the month they fixed for their tenderness Lake Como wedding.
This was our starting point, also because peonies are known as the flower of richness and honour. With their lush, full, rounded bloom, peonies embody romance and prosperity and are regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage.
The wedding event was also the celebration of romance, intimacy and warmth, as for a small group of guests. And we were able to include the right touch of elegance and glow, so important for Aran.

Lake Como wedding planning tip: enjoy an outdoor ceremony

For a Lake Como wedding planner as Como in Style is, it is not unusual to create a mood and a style starting from very few words and that’s it because the couple feel comfortable in our hands and know-how.
That was the same for Aran and Jason. The bride just wrote: “My colours are blush and bashful”.
Easily, we translate her wish with silver details and lots of candles.

After getting ready in luxury Villa Este, joined by her bridesmaids, and taking so elegant portraits in its garden, Aran was driven to the ceremony set in Villa Pizzo.
Worried for the weather, it rained during the night, she wasn’t sure the ceremony would be held outdoor as she dreamt since the beginning…Como in Style wanted to make her dream come true. Thank to its know-how and deep knowledge of Lake Como area (and weather!) let the couple and their guests leave an unforgettable outdoor Lake Como wedding ceremony. Romantic Aran seemed to walk on a cloud while walking the thousands petals aisle, while Jason was ready to put the ring on her finger framed by flowers and an amazing Lake Como view.

Warm up a May wedding in Lake Como with candles and love

The main elegant and fine decorated indoor hall of this elegant Lake Como wedding venue was perfect to receive everybody, friends and relatives around the couple. The particular details and lots of candles helped in creating a really warm atmosphere, typical of a intimate celebration.
The rest of the halls were ready to greet the all the after party events planned, still coordinated by our Lake Como wedding planner agency with all the wedding day choices.

When we plan weddings in Lake Como it’s important to make all the efforts to cut the cake outdoor, if you can imagine what Lake Como villages fairy lights and the moon in the sky means.
Aran and Jason had this lovely chance, despite the chilly weather, have been warmed by their guests love and their own too.

photo: Morlotti Studio


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