Big Day Bridal Hairdos – Celebrity Influences

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and if this is the case, celebs everywhere must be mighty flattered. Brides everywhere have always taken a cue from celebrity brides in adapting and adopting various wedding styles, from themes, to locations, to dresses, to hairstyles.

Through the ages, celeb brides’ hairstyles have run the gamut from long and flowing locks to elegant updos – so brides have no shortage of inspiration from the glamorous world of the stars. The options are virtually endless, ranging from sheer simplicity to elaborate styles, adorned with accessories – and even these accessories can range from understated simplicity to the most expensive, ornamental accompaniment. Largely the hair style and accessories will complement the bridal gown and the wedding’s visual theme, but many brides take their biggest inspiration from what they’ve seen splashed across magazine covers and all over the internet.

Some prominent examples of past and present:


George Clooney’s sophisticated new wife, Amal, chose to wear her hair in the most natural, flowing manner possible, donning an elegant veil over her long, lustrous, dark hair. Particularly with a bit of length, a bride can opt for a direct and easy style, just smoothing her hair out nicely and making it look its best.


Princess Kate’s bridal hairstyle defined simple elegance. Slightly pulled back but allowed to flow in the back, and tucked under a simple but lovely veil, Kate straddled the line between formal and simple and pulled it off beautifully. Styled, smooth but not overdone, her bridal do is one that many modern brides opt for because it’s not quite as simple as the aforementioned Amal (so it looks a bit different from daily life) but not so complicated that it will take too much time, effort or maintenance to create on the big day.


No bride in recent history can claim quite the crown (literally and figuratively) of subdued and tasteful elegance the way the late Grace Kelly can. Her gorgeous blonde locks were upswept and hidden away under an elaborate veil for the wedding that turned her commoner-life into a fairy tale. Her marriage to Prince Rainier of Monaco made her a princess, and her hairstyle and dress here illustrate beautifully how well she fit the role.

Short – unusual and unique

If anyone rivals the Grace Kelly for the fairy-tale wedding crown, it’s another commoner-turned-princess story. While the marriage did not last, the late Princess Diana was one of the world’s most admired and glamorous brides when she married Britain’s Prince Charles back in 1981. A renowned trendsetter and fashion natural, Princess Di pioneered a short but flowing and almost casual hairstyle that rather came to define her look throughout the rest of her life. With more elaborate wedding wardrobes, a shorter, simpler hairstyle can help keep the focus on the dress and the surroundings.

Au naturel

Recently music star Beyoncé’s sister Solange was married in what has been widely covered as an example of the height of style and unusual elegance. Solange opted for a very natural look, letting her natural style dominate.


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