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Choosing the right wedding bouquet can come down to a lot of factors, all of which should be taken into consideration when making a final choice. But many brides-to-be don’t know beforehand what factors to consider before they actually make a choice. For example, a bride might have a favorite flower and want to use that or incorporate it into her bouquet – but without considering the whole picture, it might not be the best choice stylistically.

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Bouquets are one way to bring about a sense of balance. That means that the choice is not just the best flowers but also selecting the right shape for a bouquet. For example, a very tall bride probably should not choose a very small, round bouquet. A short bride does not want to be overshadowed by a much-too-large or lengthy bouquet either. The perfect bouquet will put everything into the right perspective and scale – while the wrong shape and size for the wrong bride can unravel the balance all the careful planning has tried to maintain.

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This same sense of balance, shape and color applies when planning the wedding gown and selecting the right bouquet to accompany it. The shape of the dress is also a consideration – a large, ornate, bulbous bouquet probably does not suit a sleek, slim-line dress unless the bride is striving to put opposites on display.

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Many sources – including professional wedding planners – provide detailed advice and instruction on how to select the right bouquet for the bride’s body type and gown choice. Likewise good wedding planners and guides can also plan and advise on the flowers for the flower girl and bridesmaids as well as decorative flowers, all of which can serve to complement the bride and her bouquet.

Some rules of thumb when choosing a bouquet to complement the bride’s body type:

Hourglass figure: Any bouquet shape will work for you. A larger hourglass figure (perhaps with a larger bottom half) recommends itself to long, full bouquets that flow and create length; smaller bouquets will make the bride appear larger.

Pear-shaped figure: Emphasize the top half of the body with longer-stemmed bouquets carried diagonally – these draw the eyes upward.

Broad shoulders/inverted pyramid: Choose medium to large flowers that create a balance with the upper and lower body. Long, straight bouquets will make the broad shoulders look even wider.

Slim and long figure: Select a small to medium-sized bouquet with delicate flowers, possibly a small teardrop or cascade bouquet.

Rectangular figure: Medium to large teardrops or cascades suit this body type to soften the rectangular shape. Small or round bouquets will only accentuate a boxy shape.

Apple figure: A bouquet should be chosen to help slim the upper and mid-section part of the body – a cascade or teardrop shape should fit the bill.

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