Be our guest: Guestbooks and memorable wedding keepsakes

Getting caught up in the all-encompassing planning for a Lake Como wedding – event planning can be quite detail-oriented and challenging, after all – it might b easy to overlook some of the details that won’t matter a lot necessarily in terms of the wedding going off without a hitch but after the wedding will be more and more meaningful to the bridal couple. One of these things is the traditional guest book. Most couples like to offer something like a guest book to help them capture a small memory of the wedding itself and all the guests who attended, who often write heartfelt and lovely greetings of good luck for the happy couple.


While the tradition is a book in which messages are written by all those in attendance, many variations exist that let couples choose what form they’d like this keepsake in.


With the coming of the digital age, it’s been much easier for people to offer video or photo “guest book” opportunities – allowing guests to take photos or videos as a part of their message. This option is growing in popularity but does not quite satisfy the need for something tangible, as the traditional guest book does. And with many gorgeous, thematically appropriate options available, such as handmade silk guest books (Como in Style offers just such a thing in Como in Style signature colors), it’s hard to argue with this tradition.

But for those who want a new twist on tradition, other options exist that allow for a more physical interactivity – that is, maybe a couple opts against a book but decide instead to go for an entirely different and creative alternative. A small sampling:

  • Wedding tree: Set up a “tree” or some other decorative object to which guests can attach their messages and wishes (whether just as notes, maybe in the shape of leaves)


  • Envelopes: Give guests envelopes (either before the wedding that they can fill with a note including their good wishes, or during the event to give them something to do) – this can give guests a greater opportunity to think of really sincere messages in advance. This is also a nice way to be able to easily keep the messages after the wedding is over.


  • “Love Notes”: Have notepads made up with the bride and grooms names or words of wisdom/quotes and offer them as both keepsakes for guests and to have guests leave notes for the bride and groom.


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