Mr & Mr or Mrs & Mrs

While many parts of Europe have already legalized same-sex marriage and many states in the USA are following suit, Italy has not yet joined the party. Naturally same-sex couples are working to ensure their equality in the eyes of the law, but this has faced considerable opposition from the Roman Catholic church. The current government of PM Matteo Renzi are working toward civil partnership recognition, and in the meantime, some local initiatives and efforts have made given same-sex partnerships similar rights to married couples. And gay couples seeking the right to marry in Italy? They will have to wait for full, legal marriage equality for the time being.

Should this let a same-sex couple miss out on their dream wedding in Italy? No. With careful planning, a symbolic ceremony for gay and lesbian couples can be planned in just the way any other wedding can be. Like any wedding in Italy that isn’t a civil ceremony, it is symbolic and not legally binding, so in this sense, many weddings in Italy are ornamental and sentimental than legal.

Gay couples seeking the chance to have a romantic, scenic event can consider Lake Como wedding venues. With spectacular scenery and a variety of venues to choose from, couples can take advantage of local planners who can assist in their special day to ensure that, even if the nuptials are not legally binding, they will be every bit as full of love, beauty and commitment as a marriage bound by contractual obligations!


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Patrizia Saraga

Patrizia Saraga

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