Stationary to guide the wedding journey: Seating

Wedding planning can be a long process, and one item that ties the time and theme together is stationary. All couples planning their wedding know that they have almost endless choices for wedding invitations – but this is just the start of where thematically matching stationary can play a role in organizing a wedding and setting a visual tone. Stationary needs can range from the standard invitation to popular save-the-date cards, RSVP cards, event programs, guest books, menus, thank-you cards and much more.

One subset of these possibilities is in creating matching stationary for seating and table plans. Guests will always need to find their place at the guest tables, whether at a rehearsal dinner or the reception. There are many ways to coordinate how guests can find their seats, and decorative, thematically matching stationary can not only serve this practical role but reinforce the visuals of the wedding decor.

A seating plan can be well-augmented with coordinated stationary pieces, such as escort cards, a seating plan in diagram or list form that shows an overview of where guests will be seated, the table names or numbers labeling each table so guests can identify where they should sit, place cards to indicate where each guest should sit – and guests can use these visual cues.


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Patrizia Saraga

Patrizia Saraga

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