Lake Como villas and family: what else?

It has been a race against time the wedding planning for this lovely couple coming from Arizona. They were so deeply involved with a destination wedding on Lake Como that they weren’t afraid about nothing and completely trusted Como In Style skills and on site help.
Especially because it had to include a civil ceremony, with legal effects in their Country.
They’ve never came in Lake Como before, but they trusted it was the starting point for a once-in-life experience in Italy, from the north to the south.
Their wish was to accent the intimate feeling of a family event, involving all the closest guests, definitely including thirteen people.
When the groom asked Como In Style for a help was absolutely sure to make the bride happy with lilac and purple colors, along with a hint of white. On her hand, Noelle wished to achieve a elegant and glamorous result…she was planning her wedding among the most elegant villas and on the most glamorous Lake in Italy, wasn’t she?
Touches of silver and grey to her favorite color choice was the trendy idea to reach the aim. To warm up the formal atmosphere, lots of candles in vases and lanterns were diffusely used.

Unforgettable landscapes in Lake Como venues

Noelle and Damian perfectly balanced their Lake Como experience first having the civil ceremony in Villa Carlotta, one of the most renowned botanic garden in the area, close to Grand Hotel Tremezzo, the most elegant hotels and in front of Bellagio.
Then an unconventional 30’s venue, overlooking the only island in Lake Como, and the whole astonishing landscape of Lake Como middle area, was the perfect choice to celebrate the wedding dinner, letting everybody really feeling at home.
After a short though pleasant boat trip from the ceremony to the reception villa, the couple and their guests were welcome by glasses with champagne and tasty Italian appetizer, to enjoy the cocktail while making pictures and relaxing.

Touching Lake Como wedding

The four courses menu was served indoor.
One only long table, including everybody, was elegantly covered by a gray satin tablecloth, contrasting with lilac napkins.
Hundreds flowers were gently placed in small mercury vases and glas tableware in the middle of the table, drawing a purple and lilac line ending at the both sides with a silver candle holder, ideally matching the colors of the flowers with the warm gold of the candle lights. Transparent chairs added the final touch for a glamor result.
Under the stars ceiling of that July night, the wedding cake cutting was performed.
Everybody gathered around the touched couple and a precious wedding cake, made in real gold foil, and lots of gold sparklers made everybody feel like in front of the most amazing fireworks show.

photo: Morlotti Studio


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