A Glamorous Wedding in Lake Como

When I first met the bride, a year before her Lake Como wedding day, I was kicked by her gorgeous long red hair; they were matching the colours of the autumn leaves, all around in the warm landscape of Lake Como, in October. From that point ahead everything found the right place in this stylish wedding in Lake Como.
It was love at first sight and she chose Como in Style as her perfect Lake Como wedding planner. This is why I love planning weddings il Lake Como.

Como In Style plan weddings in Lake Como inspired by the romance of the italian culture

During the planning process they enjoyed each step and they were able to soak it all in. The same was throughout their Lake Como wedding celebration, creating memories that will last a lifetime.
Ashleigh and Ryan from San Francisco asked Como In Style to find the right balance of elegance, “made in Italy” style and leisure starting from Lake Como Autumn palette…throughout 4 days events!
The beginning was an irresistible save the date, that helped them to solve the big deal of requesting their guest to travel to Italy for a special Lake Como wedding: inspired by the romance of the Italian culture, it was in shape of a travelling artist’s sketchbook. Real leather cover and hand drawn illustrations of villas and Italian travel details, this save the date was the right help for all the guests, who were allowed to book their trip with ease and excitement. Italian culture inspire often our weddings in Lake Como. Travelling and Italian Style kept on being the connection for all the style choices made for and together with the couple.

Why a Lake Como wedding?

Imagine the most romantic among the love stories: Ashleigh and Ryan grew up together, thanks to their parents friendship. Since they were very young they thought they’d lived together, tough a short break. Both of them in love with travelling experience, it would be for pleasure as well as charity interest, they got engaged in Paris, as the best love story and Ryan popped the question…with Lake Como surrounding as the perfect background.
Choosing the most renowned luxury Lake Como wedding venue, as Villa Este is, to celebrate this once-in-life experience was the compulsory action to do.

As for all our weddings in Lake Como, I realized the wedding mood -board. Mood-board and colour palette were deeply inspired by the season: Autumn details, running from red shades to the dark blue of Lake Como depths; passing trough blue canard and aubergine purple.
Peacock feathers and thousand of blush roses to please the bride’s great taste.
Warm fabrics, mixing Lake Como silk and cashmere, were the touch of class to welcome and thank Ashleigh and Ryan’s guests, as an exclusive, seasonal and handmade favour for them. An elegant scarf, with a soft autumn watercolours print, personalised by their sewed logo would keep forever their hearts warm.

Ashleigh was unique since the first sight, with her perfect taste in her outfit as well as in the choice of each details for the event.
Her ancient gold Louboutin shoes were the ideal base for one of the most exclusive wedding gown among Monique Lhuillier‘s, so renowned among the celebrities.
Mixing glamorous feathers with classic roses was the winner choice for her bouquet.

A tailor made wedding in Lake Como

Passing over the trends, this couple was really an example of our tailor made weddings in Lake Como.
I won’t never forget their amazing invitations: on that they were able to talk about their past, present and future!
The envelope included the cross of the church were the ceremony was going to be held.
Como in Style was able to support this couple with all the paperworks in time and stressless, allowing Ashleigh and Ryan to realise their most memorable moment of the day: “I do”.
Actually it was the right seal for a fairy tale started many years before and going to be forever and after.
The cozy anglican church in Cadenabbia, in front of Bellagio where many weddings in Lake Como are celebrated, was the stunning frame of this moment.
Thanks to the precious flower décor, made of lots of pale pink roses, the flower arrangement was a balance of elegance, richness and sobriety.
You can’t live a Lake Como wedding experience if you don’t live the Lake from the lake itself, especially if you are keen on boats, as shown perfectly on their hand-painted invitations.
And a venetian taxi style boats drove everybody to the perfect Lake Como wedding venue they chose for the reception: Villa di Este, the most renowned five star luxury hotel on Lake Como.
Respecting the elegant atmosphere of the palace, all the flower details were chosen not to overwhelm the peculiarity of this amazing Lake Como wedding venue.
Geometric roses arrangements mixed with classic silver candle holders were touches of elegance on the tables of the dinner, with the card display made by several feathers inserted in a moss tablecloth were the best welcome gift their guests could find: simply useful and gorgeous.

Before moving to the Villa di Este club to enjoy the last part of their Lake Como wedding party, a 5 layer cake entered the hall to fulfil sight and taste of each guests.
Before leaving for their worldwide honeymoon, this couple shared with us a big hug adding:
“It’d be an honour to have you with us in such a special moment and what a glorious place to start our life together. A once in a lifetime experience for all!”
Ashleigh left her secret reply: “Start earlier than you think, stay true to yourself, cherish your future husband, be glamorously timeless, calm and collected, and enjoy all of your dearest family and friends around you“.

photos: Aaron Delesie, Morlotti Studio


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